To engage and nurture each child, we offer a balance of freedom and instruction.This program is designed as an interactive learning community, where children build skills vital to success in kindergarten, gain respect for others, and develop a strong sense of confidence.

The Pre-Kindergarten program provides a focus on:

  • Problem-solving
  • Responsive listening
  • Using language to learn
  • Social and collaborative skills

This program provides the materials and experiences to develop critical thinkers and problem solvers. Science, technology, engineering, and math.

Learning centers:

  • Art Center: Creativity, problem-solving, and self- expression are developed in this center, as children discover different art techniques, color concepts, and cooperation.
  • Manipulatives Center: Children build hand-eye coordination and practice inventiveness, as they develop goal-setting and critical-thinking skills by counting, sorting, and patterning.
  • Dramatic Play Center: Through cooperative pretend play, children develop early writing and reading skills, explore emotional expression, and learn how to make sense of real life.
  • Math Center: Children begin to think critically about numbers and math concepts, such as addition and subtraction, while sorting, ordering, and using measuring tools.
  • Music and Movement Center: Children love to move, dance, and sing. This center helps them to work on physical coordination, cooperation, and communication while having fun.
  • Science Center: Classification, analysis, predicting, and experimenting are all skills children will use in this area, while exploring physical and earth science concepts, including plant and animal lifecycles.
  • Reading Center: Story reasoning, print awareness, and word recognition are some of the significant literacy skills children begin to develop in this area.
  • Writing Center: Children will begin to communicate through writing, as they work on letters and word recognition and formation, segmenting words into sounds, and putting sounds together to make words.